Cyber Endeavour 2012


Cyber Endeavour 2012

Operations in Cloud and Cellular Networks


Naval Postgraduate School / Monterey, California

June 26 - 28, 2012


Cyber Seminar - Cyber Exercise - Cyber Workshop

Cyber Endeavour 2012 Registration Remains Open until June 25th and we look forward to your participation in what promises to be an exciting, operationally relevant event in Monterey, California.  We are honored to have such an outstanding cadre of senior leadership / community experts from within the Department of Defense, Government, Industry, and Academia to serve as our distinguished guest speakers and panel members.

Cyber Endeavour 2012 provides an interactive, working level environment for leaders and operators to collectively discuss the most critical Cyber challenges and problems facing our nation and armed services and to identify potential solutions.  Our theme for this year’s event is “Operations in Cloud and Cellular Networks,”  with the following five threads that serve as the basis for our panels and open forum sessions.

     -  Cyber Policy and Operations
     -  Cyber Law and Ethics
     -  Educating the Workforce - Balancing the Current Force with Generation Y
     -  Countering Evolving Cyber Threats
     -  Developing, Operationalizing, and Assuring Cloud and Cellular Network Systems and Architectures

Cyber Endeavour 2012 also provides an operational environment for exercising offensive and defensive cyber techniques and practices during its Cyber X-Games which consists of the following cyber-attack and -defend competitions

     -  Targeted Response and Analysis Challenge - Network
     -  Black Box Penetration Testing
     -  Incident Detection and Reporting Challenge
     -  Preventative and Defensive Measures

Cyber Endeavour 2012 and Cyber X-Games are open to U.S. Citizens only, and will be held at the Unclassified/For Official Use Only level.  All participants will receive an executive level report within thirty (30) days following the event summarizing the highlights of Cyber Endeavour 2012, which will serve as an invaluable, community-developed document and tool for continued communiques and collaboration amongst our participants.

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